Montour Heights Country Club, today located on the site of the beautiful McCune Estate, can be traced back to its beginning in 1911.  Founded by a group of local residents, including John Robinson McCune III, father of the Charles L. McCune, oversaw the construction of the nine-hole course in 1912.  The founding members, inspecting the progress of the course on late evenings, attracted by the beautiful sunsets, named the course “Sunset Golf Club.”  The club was reorganized in 1917 as the Montour Heights Country Club.  As a result of the boom created following World War I, the club expanded to 91.86 acres and developed the first clubhouse.  The club prospered.  It was after the depression era of 1930-1934 when the club first began to experience the demand for family amenities.

During the Second World War, activity at the club decreased.  After the war ended, membership once again began to increase and the club felt the lack of space which held its nine-hole course needed to be addressed.  The only possible property was the 56 acre Moreland property, occupied at the time by Mrs. Moreland, the wife of W.C. Moreland, a founding member.  In 1962, the property was offered to the club at a price much lower than it could have otherwise been sold for.  A new clubhouse, pool and 18-hole course were designed and constructed.  The clubhouse (which still stands and currently houses the Moon Township Municipal Offices and Library) was completed in the spring of 1963, and the pool opened May 30, 1964.  The club prospered and remained at its original site until 1987.

John Robinson McCune III and his wife Janet Walker Lockhart purchased a country home at1491 Coraopolis Heights Road on April 1, 1909.  They called the home High Skeog, named after the Lockhart family farm in Scotland.  Charles L. McCune (1895-1979) spent a large portion of his life in the house.  In 1938, Charles oversaw the construction of the High Skeog, the former building having been completely destroyed by a winter fire.   In 1960, Charles and his sister, Mary, moved into the home permanently, bringing wood paneling and marble from their residence in Shadyside.  Charles was a long time active member of Montour Heights Country Club.

Sequence 01.Still007Shortly after the death of Charles Lockhart McCune in 1979, the Union National Bank, acting as executor to his estate, was approached by Montour Heights Country Club with regards to building a new Montour Heights Country Club on the site of the McCune home at 1491 Coraopolis Heights Road.  After several years of evaluating the possibility of making the move, it was determined that the McCune property would be deeded to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which would establish conservation easements and sell the property to the club.  In 1985, the club reached an agreement with the purchaser of the Beaver Grade Road property, who agreed to allow the club to operate for two years while the clubhouse addition and golf course could be built on the McCune property.

Additional acreage north of Coraopolis Heights Road was acquired to allow space for the new golf course.  Pete Dye and his son, P.B. Dye, were contracted to build the golf course, while an architect was selected to incorporate the existing McCune mansion into the new and expanded clubhouse.  On June 1, 1987, the doors to the new facility opened and the McCune Estate became the new Montour Heights Country Club, with 300 members.

Today Montour Heights is made up of a vibrant and active membership who continue to enjoy and carry on the history and traditions that define this proud club.  Montour Heights Country Club is committed to preserving the essence of the original estate.  All the original out buildings, along with caretaker’s house, green house and vineyard define what members experience as a part of the unique history and traditions of MHCC.  Tragically, during the early morning hours of August 27th, 2009, the estate barn became engulfed in flames and burned to the ground.  This iconic structure will always be greatly remembered and sadly missed.

Montour Heights Country Club members and their families remain committed to the legacy established by the Club’s founders.  A signature course, an elegant estate, and familiar faces–come join us and enjoy the Montour Tradition.

A Message From The Club President