Country Club Dress Code and Etiquette

The Montour Heights Country Club Dress Code and Etiquette Guidelines apply to all members, their families and guests, including children. The purpose of the Dress Code and Etiquette Guidelines is to ensure that proper respect is shown to all of our members, their families and guests while using the Club. If there are any questions, please contact the Golf Professional.

Clubhouse and Club Grounds:

  • Hats, caps or visors are not to be worn in the following areas: Member’s Lounge, Dining Room, Ballroom or Banquet Rooms, including hallways associated with these areas.
  • Hats, when worn elsewhere, are to be worn in the traditional manner.
  • Sweatpants, sweatshirts or other related work-out type clothing are not permitted in the Clubhouse in any area.
  • Dress slacks, dress shorts (Bermuda length) and business casual wear are recommended for all dining areas.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times regardless of age. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times, except in the pool area.
  • Pool attire is not permitted. T-shirts and tank tops are not appropriate and are not permitted.

Grill Room and Grand Terrace:

  • General appearance should remain neat and subdued dressy casual, golf or tennis attire.
  • Pool attire is not permitted.


Prior to 5:30 pm:

  • Slacks, dressy shorts and shirts with collars, or mock-collared shirts, are required for men.

After 5:30 pm:

  • Slacks, dressy shorts or evening wear are required for women.
  • Hats, caps and visors are not permitted.

Dress Code and Attire Exception for Dress Blue Jeans:

  • Blue jeans and appropriate denim attire will be permitted in the Member’s Lounge, the Grill Room and Grand Terrace. Any and all access areas, including hallways and restroom facilities, are also included.
  • Blue jeans and denim will not be permitted in the Main Dining Room. Blue jeans must be clean and neat without holes and worn appropriately.
  • Tennis shoes worn in conjunction with blue jeans will be viewed as inappropriate attire. Club Management will have discretion in dealing with inappropriate attire and will do so in accordance with current policy. Please note: the golf course dress code remains unchanged. All other aspects of the Club’s dress code and attire remain fully in effect.
  • Exception: Club events where appropriate attire is defined for events, such as the Sunday Brunch, Family Nights or Holiday Events.

Golf Course, Grill Room and Golf Practice Facilities:

  • Only proper length golf shorts are permitted. Short shorts, gym shorts, cargo shorts, tennis shorts, walking shorts, or any other similarly styled shorts are not permitted. Denim, jean and Levi garments of any kind are not permitted.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times, regardless of age. Hats must be worn in the traditional fashion. Mens’ golf shirts must have collars and sleeves. Mock turtlenecks for men are permitted. Ladies’ golf shirts can either be collarless or sleeveless, but not both. Tank tops, halters or strapped tops are not permitted.
  • The appropriateness of all golf attire is at the discretion of the Golf Professional Staff. Diagrams will also be posted on the Golf Shop bulletin boards. If there are any questions or clarifications, please contact the Golf Professional.

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