Club membership during a pandemic


Belonging to a private club comes with many perks and these perks, some of which may be limited during this time, are still as important to Club members.  Being a part of a private community allows people to share their interests with like-minded people as well as meeting new members who have become part of the Club “Family”.  During this unprecedented time, members ban together to support their Club knowing it will be back to full enjoyment and be able to take advantage of all the amenities available at their Club.  During difficult times, members begin to lean on other members for the support and community they received during their weekly lunch together or over happy hour cocktails.  Having limited amenities on a temporary basis can sometimes impede members from referring new members, but staying consistent with introducing members to the Club now will benefit the entire membership and the new member as well when things return to full swing.

As part of a Club “Family”, everyone cares for one another and shares in the responsibility of keeping one another safe.  Servers, bartenders and all management feels a great responsibility to keep one another safe as well as the safety of our members and their guests.  This is a priority for all Clubs during this time to ensure staff and members that their safety and well being is top of the list.

Clubs have also become creative with their offerings.  Clubs that have fitness facilities are offering free fitness classes and tips to their members via social media.  Other Clubs have been able to purchase some necessary items in bulk and have made them available to members to help ease the burden of trying to locate these items themselves.

Although some amenities that we’ve become used to at our Club are still there, looking somewhat different however,  some are not.  But, when we are through all of this, and we will be, those members who chose to stay and support their Club will be back to enjoying the full privilege that only a Private Club can offer.



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