New Menu Items – 45-Day, Dry Aged Prime New York Strip Steak

Chef Joe Pacella

Chef Joe Pacella

Thinking about how the Club will be reopening soon and a new menu presented to both our current and future members, I decided to talk to Chef Joe Pacella about some of the new items he was planning to offer.

It didn’t take long for him to decide on a 12 ounce, 45-day, dry aged Prime New York Strip steak.

12 ounce, 45-day, dry aged Prime New York Strip steak

Now this didn’t really surprise me because Joe and I had had previous conversations about his interest on this topic and how he had undertaken this at his home.

For those who have not had first-hand experience with this type of steak, there are some interesting and basic facts you should know that will add to the enjoyment of this amazing choice of steak.  Most of this information was completely new to me (except of course for the great information Chef Joe shared with me previously).

First, expect the mouthfeel of this type of dry aged beef to be a bit different than your traditional steak because of the process of removing the moisture.  You can expect it be more tender.   Who doesn’t want a tender steak to dive into?!

Now, as far as the taste, the experts on the subject say it will be more concentrated as a result of this amazing process equating it to reducing stock to a demi-glaze making the flavor much more intense and flavorful.  The same happens with the beef, the more moisture that is removed, the more intense and nutty, the flavor will become.  As you can imagine, there is a vast amount of information on the subject and I’m certain you will find it as fascinating as I did.

In the meantime, expect to see this on our menu and I’m sure the next time you see Chef Joe, he will be more than happy to share his vast knowledge of the process.  It will be a worthwhile investment of your time and dining pleasure.

-Photo courtesy of Kevin Marple

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